Our Silent Stair System is achieved by using a housed stringer system to lock our treads, risers and skirts together to eliminate the chance of movement assuring a squeak free staircase.

Keeping it simple and saving time, material and money while ensuring superior quality are common goals of the homeowner, contractor and stair-builder alike. Our custom pre-assembled staircases offer you all that and the peace of mind that comes from the many years of experience of our craftsmen. Our staircases are delivered on time, complete and guaranteed for 10 years. That’s confidence.

Advantages of planning your staircase in the pre-construction phase:

  • Know the total cost of the staircase up front. We provide you a fixed cost solution.
  • Eliminate the cost of rough stair framing.
  • Save valuable time at the finish stage of your project.

Advantages of a pre-assembled staircase:

  • Fast, easy installation means less time on the job–site for the builder.
  • Housed stringers and wedges guarantee a tight fit for less chance of movement or squeaks.
  • Our prefit rail system guarantees a fast, easy installation to complete your project.
  • Guaranteed to last.

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Our box newels are finely crafted using selected high quality wood. They are an easy way to customize your unique and beautiful staircase.

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